What do we do at meetings?

At our meetings we will build robots to compete in our next competition. Even if the member does not touch a single tool while on our team, they can participate through programming, 3D modeling, driving, or marketing.

When and where meetings?

Meetings are in room 714. Meeting dates and times will be posted on the calendar and the home page.

What is VEX?

First semester we compete in VEX competitions. It is a small robot that is built with pre-made parts. Students use their VEX bots for practice of what skills they'll need for FRC. Visit VEX's website for more details.

What is FRC?

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an international high school robotics competition. Under a time constraint of six weeks and strict regulations, students build a robot to compete against difficult competitors. Visit FIRST's website for more details.

As a parent, how can I get involved?

Parents can support their child by lending their time and money to our team. Email the faculty sponsor, Mr. Jon Johnson, at johnson.jon@mail.fcboe.org or the student board at spacedragonswhs@gmail.com, for more information.

Is there an email list?

Yes! There is a student-managed email list. Our student secretary sends out periodic emails reminding you of upcoming events. If you wish to join, click here, and we'll notify you when you've been added.